Rhodes vacation home

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Basic Kit

Total area 20.0 m2
Space with light walls 20.0 m2
Clean space-without walls 17.4 m2
The size of the 5.0 x 4.0

House of thin beams made from wood of coniferous breeds high quality.
Kit includes logs, floors, walls, wooden roof, start strapping, Windows and doors.
Assembly is performed using a complex corner locks that provide reliability and structural stability.

Submitted by diagrams and drawings are for informational and may differ from the actual.


External dimensions, m 5.0 x 40
Internal dimensions, m 4.7 x 3.7
Height of side 1 floor, m 2.2
The height of the roof ridge 2.9
Roof area, M2 29.36
Roof slope, Gr. 15
Roof Board, mm 19
Batten, mm 28
Front roof takeaways, m 1.3
Lateral stem roof m 0.1
Rear roof takeaways, m 0.1
Sex lags, mm 90 x 45
Packaging weight, kg 1651.5
Packing dimensions, mm 1150 x 6100 x 700

Production from 1 to 3 weeks installation of 3 days